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Generalized Research Areas

Adaptive Aerostructures

• 1st Adaptive Aerostructures Patent filed & issued (US 5,440,193, 1989/1995)

• First fixed-wing aircraft to use adaptive structures for all flight control (1994, Mothra)

• First rotary-wing aircraft to use adaptive aerostructures for all flight control (1996, Gamera)

• First hypersonic adaptive flight control mechanism designed, built & tested (1998, Mach 11)

• Designer of multiple dragless wings

• Fastest adaptive flight control actuator (>1kHz bandwidth)

• Hardest adaptive flight control actuator (>100,000g's)

Unique Aircraft Design

• Winner of Discover Magazine's Discover Award for unique aircraft design (Lutronix Kolibri & LuMAV coleopters)

• Chief designer and flight test engineer of the Micro Autonomous Systems XQ-138 convertible coleopter

• Designer of some of the world's fastest convertible aircraft

• Designer of world's fastest quadcopter (250kts -- limited by law at altitudes below 10,000 ft, 496kts at altitude)

• Designer of many commercial aircraft including a flying TARDIS, Snitch and Jayhawk  

Missiles, Munitions, UAVs

• Designer of the first adaptive munitions (1995, Barrel-Launched Adaptive Munition, BLAM)

• Designer of a wide range of adaptive munitions from 4mm to 355mm in caliber... 

• Designer of UAV visual signature suppression systems

• ITAR restricted...  

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